LIVING ROOMAt Hiawatha Log Homes, we understand that a log home is a lifestyle. Once you have finished building your log home, you will want to furnish and decorate it to reflect your personal taste and interests. We are posting these design tips from Log Home Living in a several part series to help you get started. Let the fun begin!

Observe existing log homes. Log home magazines and websites offer color pictures of interiors. While browsing them for inspiration, recognize features that stand out for you. It might be an overall motif or one prominent piece. You’ll notice plenty of big leather sofas and antler chandeliers. Some people embrace these clichés; others settle for them because they’re so prevalent. Some may appeal to you, but consider broader possibilities.

*Hiawatha Log Homes Bonus Tip: Get a 3-ring binder and 3-hole punched sheet protectors to place inside. Start clipping log home décor magazine photos and print out web photos to place in this binder. You can start compiling different looks and have this as a handy reference while you go shopping.

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– Joe Esbrook, CEO, Hiawatha Log Homes

"I knew that I wanted a log home from the beginning. To be honest, though, my wife had to be convinced. Once she met our dealer, saw some Hiawatha Log Homes and talked to the homeowners, she became as excited as I was. We are so happy we chose Hiawatha Log Homes. We had a wonderful experience, and if we had to do it all over again, we would absolutely choose Hiawatha Log Homes."

- The Castinos -