One might think of logs as a “smart” building material.

Thanks to the physical characteristics of logs, when you build your new log home you can watch your energy bills go down, which really adds up. Log homes are able to achieve excellent energy efficiency, thanks to “thermal mass,” a natural property in the logs that helps keep inside temperatures comfortable in all seasons.

In the winter logs in a house wall will absorb heat up to the temperature of the air in the house. When the temperature is lowered, at night for example, they give back heat into the house. In the summer, logs maintain the coolness in the home while holding the heat outside. Unlike a block or a stone wall, logs can be two temperatures simultaneously, one on either side. This enables log homes to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Indeed, in studies by the Department of Energy, log homes were found to out perform other forms of construction.

When we do consider all factors that affect energy usage in a home, it is clear that solid log homes are, in fact, high performance, low energy usage homes built from a highly sustainable material. This is exactly what educated home owners demand in today’s energy-conscious building atmosphere.

"My home needed to be more traditional. I love the look of wood, and chose Hiawatha's "D" logs for their ease of decorating on the inside and a the rustic look of the round logs on the outside. Looks like all of us are right at home."

- The Tomacaris -