Most of us can agree that log homes are beautiful, but as it turns out there are many other benefits to owning a log home as well. One of those benefits being their environmentally friendly nature. See below for some of the many reasons why log homes are often the greener choice:

Reduced Waste: Very little is wasted during the log milling process. Carvings and scrap materials can be used to build smaller home products such as furniture, accessories or fences. Other materials such as bark and sawdust are easily leveraged in the garden or on the farm.
Fewer Materials: The walls of a log home, built from a single material, provide structural support and insulation. To achieve the same goals, traditional homes use various products such as siding, insulation, drywall and paint.
Energy Efficient: From production to completion, log homes are generally more energy efficient. Most of the time, log materials travel shorter distances than traditional materials conserving fuel during transportation. Once built log homes are said to lower energy costs for the homeowner as the logs absorb heat during the day and release it at night.
Recyclable: Built from renewable resources (timber), log homes are more likely to be recycled when compared to traditional building materials.

At Hiawatha log homes we’re proud to produce products that are not only beautiful, but also eco-friendly. Most of our Northern Red Pine logs are harvested from Upper Michigan U.S. Forest Service plots, which have been managed in the U.P. for nearly 75 years. It’s one of the few pine species that’s being actively reforested in the industry. Any waste in the milling process is used to heat the kiln during the drying process, which is a small part of our ongoing commitment to energy conservation and environmental sustainability.

"We're always receiving compliments on how fun & inviting our suites and cabins are, and how the logs accent the variety of decors found throughout the resort. Thanks, Hiawatha, for helping our dreams become reality."

- D’Amour’s Cedar Lodge -